Sunday Dinner Restaurant

Sunday Dinner is more than a meal, more than a tradition.... It is our ministry!


Quotes Surprised wife, forty friends and family, no problem at Sundays Dinner. Great food, awesome service and wonderful atmosphere. They made us feel like family.Can not wait to get back there. I'm going to try every item on that menu! Can't wait to get back there. I'm going to try every item on that menu! Quotes
james mccollum
happy birthday crew

Quotes my husband and i live in high point. i was doing a rush assignment in greensboro for a merchandiser when i developed bad cramps in my leg shortly after parking at the food lion on vandalia. i limped, in tears and pain, to a lady that was loading her car. i tried not to alarm her but i was in so much pain i was literally screaming that i needed help. she called my husband bc i could barely get my phone and while we waited, a man noticed my distress and suggested gatorade was good for cramps and that he was going into the store. about 15 minutes or so, he came back w/one for me about the time my husband drove up. the cramps were subsiding and i heard him tell my husband his name was james and he owned sunday dinner and to stop by when i was feeling better which we did. the meal was on the house! my husband was so pleased bc our wedding anniversary was the next day and he was sad thinking he wouldn't be able to do anything. thank you Sunday Dinner! Be ever blessed. we shall b back! Quotes
dee wiggins
had a bad day

Quotes OMG is was my first thought when I started eating my food. Words could not fully express how I felt by the greetings of the warm and professional staff, the tour of the facility, and then the prize, "the food". Love the atmosphere which is quaint. I will be back this Sunday with family.... an amazing place that should be open more than just on Sunday.... but I will wait out the 6 days until they open again because it was truly worth the wait. Quotes
New to Greensboro

Quotes We just held our 40th class reunion last night at Sunday Dinner. Can't say enough great things about the event. Leisa and James were wonderful to work with and made the planning thing painless.They know how to do it right. The food was to die for!!! Especially the Mac & Cheese. Thank you for making this a special time for us. Southern Guilford Class of '71 Quotes
Tibe Payne

Quotes Boy, I tell you I don't know who they have in that kitchen frying those chicken wings but they got it right!!! The best I have had in a long time! The Mac & cheese hands down Best in town!! You can tell a lot of love went into it.. Chicken wings Mac&cheese Greens.. wow! all I can say is thanks SUNDAY DINNER!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
native of Greensboro


Quotes On Fathers Day 6/16/13 , upon leaving church, i had decided to vist "Sunday Dinner" on Vandalia Rd. I had heard about it from a friend and thought it would be nice to check it out. I iknew it was special as soon as i walked in the front door. We were greated warmly and escorted to the quaint, relaxed atmosphere of the dining room. Upon being seated, we noticed the many smiles around us and heard the soothing gospel music. We were first greeted at our table by a young man around 9yrs old who was professional and eager to serve us cornbread/roll and get our tea and lemonade. Our waiter came next and took our order. What a wonderful experience. My daughter kept telling me that i hadn't touch my fish because i was to busy eating the mac and cheese, pinto beans and cornbread . I told her it was sooooo good and we laughed. Upon leaving, we told the waiter and cashier to send our regards to the owner and staff and to keep doing the great job they are doing. Quotes

Quotes I had dinner for the first time on Sunday Feb 24, 2013. I must say from start to finish I was very impressed. First greeted by a pleasant hostess.. seated with out a wait for a party of 13 people and the service was prompt and accurate. There was a young man that took our drink orders that never let us run out of anything. The wait staff was thorough and the food was very good. During the course of our visit a couple of managers came out to greet us and ask questions about our visit.. that added a very personal touch to the already warm friendly and christian atmosphere.. I will definately dine with you all again and have no problem spreading the word about your restaurant. Quotes
Candi Wallace

Quotes Well I have been to many resturants in G'boro but nothing like this one very professional staff so loving and caring people and the awesome music playing as you enjoy your meal they make you feel right at home the food is simply Marvelous you don't believe me come in and try it yourself you will not be disappointed this is where I spend my Sunday Dinner's at me and my family so let me see your face in the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes This is the best soul food place in Greensboro, I have not had food like i've had here. Anybody who came through the restaurant can feel the love and it makes you feel like your at home . This is a business I see excelling , I love coming every week. I pray that the lord continues to bless the Boyd family. Quotes
Jared Troy

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