Sunday Dinner Restaurant

Sunday Dinner is more than a meal, more than a tradition.... It is our ministry!

About Sunday Dinner

 Sunday Dinner is a family owned business established on Christian principles and love. 

Jimmy, Lesia and Tyrone run their family business with integrity and passion, utlizing all of their talents, skills and passions.  


The business began as a dream of Lesia, who has the gift of touching people's lives with her incredibly delicious food.  


This is what Sunday Dinner looks like!   

God is in the people, God is in the place and God is in the food!



About Lesia


 Hi.....My name is Lesia.... 

One of the owners  of Sunday Dinner. 

      I am a child of God....

      I am a friend of Jesus Christ

      I minister to hurting people

      I am a wife to my sweetie and #1 fan....Jimmy

I am a mother of my son....Tyrone

                                I am a grandmother to Arianna Janae....mi Dolce!


I am a woman, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and adopted by many as family!

I love hard..... I live life laughing...... and cooking is my passion!

I have been very blessed to have great parents, family and friends to share my life and loves with. 

I come from a family of great cooks and Sunday Dinner has been a part of my heritage all of my life. 

Everyone has a story, and so do I...a good one. 

As you get to know will know my story..

I am living out a dream that I have had for a very long time.  

I  am so very grateful to God for making my dream a reality. 

He promised me my heart's desire and I am living it....God is amazing! 


Jesus is the best part of me and He makes it possible for me to do all that I do.

As you experience and enjoy Sunday Dinner.....

Remember that Jesus is the reason for it all!


Much Love



About James


My name is James, but I am referred to as Jimmy, Dad, Poppy, New York or Impact Speaker Jim.  

I am the leader of this family and I take my position seriously.  I am loyal to those I love with such fierceness that those who have my heart know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I support them no matter what, which gives them a sense of security and confidence.  My family is my world and I cannot imagine life without them in it.  

God is first in my life without question.  I minister at my church and I have adopted the title of Impact Speaker Jim instead of minister, because I want to speak into the hearts of believers the wisdom of God, to impact their lives and promote change.  


The unconditional love of my grandmother and the courage and  determination displayed by my parents have influenced me to become a man who is passionate about his God, his family and his business. 


I am a driven, dedicated, disciplined and committed man, who prides himself on speaking the truth, even when it is not convenient. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you… Yeah, that brother tells it like it is! 

 For many years our family invited our loved ones into our home on every first Sunday of the month, which became known as First Sundays to us all.  We sowed seeds of love, fellowship and food into the lives of those we cared about and as a result God blessed our family with our business.....

Sunday Dinner!!


Remember……Keep God First



About Tyrone

What’s up Greensboro!

My name is Tyrone and I am the young lion of this family.

I am a child of God and my family means everything to me. 

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me?    My daughter Arianna…

I love this girl so much it hurts! 

My friends are very important to me….

Just ask one of them… they’ll tell you how I get down!

I work hard and I play even harder.   

I love life and if there is a good time possible….

I am in the mix! 

I come from a lineage of chefs, great grandmother, grandmother, aunt, mother…

ALL of them wearing the name….Nana…..and yes..…I am a good cook as well…so… day I will take over.....Just don't call me Nana!


Sunday dinners with my family takes me back to a place in my mind of good times, one of those memories that stays with you forever….like a holiday.


I am passionate about being successful at everything I put my hands to…........God promised me success and I gotta have it!!!


See you Sundays



About Arianna


Hi...My name is Arianna. 

I am the baby of this bunch and I have so many names....

Ari..SweetPea.....Johnson..AJ..and Mi Dolce.....

I guess that's what is expected when you are the baby!             


I am young, but I can hang! 

I love our business! 

I tell anyone who will listen about how great our business is and that we love to do parties, weddings, anniversaries and dinners. 

I also love our business because I get to serve and meet great people and I get to spend time with my family, while making money.  I love making money too!  


Like my dad, I come from a family of great cooks.  I am a good cook too.  I have been sitting on my Nana Lesia's kitchen counter ever since I could sit up by myself and now I am learning to cook standing right next to my Nana.


Watch out Daddy....I will take over one day....and yes...You can call me Nana!!


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